"So God created man in his own image,
 in the image of God created he him;
male and female created he him."
— Genesis 1:27


Having been made by God “in his own image,” I believe the human body is the most beautiful of all creations. While each of us is different, there is beauty in every person regardless of age or body type. As a photographer, my goal is capture each person's individual beauty while on a larger scale showing the universal beauty of the human figure in all of its shapes, sizes and stages of life and drawing attention to God's awe-inspiring creative power.

Through my photography, I enjoy showing the beauty of regular, everyday people like you and me. A lifetime of health challenges has left a broken body but inspired me to seek the beauty that lies beyond.  I really do understand that most of us are far from perfect specimens.  But, it is absolutely tragic, how many people dislike themselves when others would see them as truly beautiful! 

I honestly believe that everyone has a beauty and character that life's inevitable wrinkles, scars and extra pounds only enhance.  Whether it is a nice figure, the graceful curve of a back, the smooth lines of a leg, the tenderness of a breast, or, perhaps, elegant hands, everyone has something that they should feel good about! My job as a photographer is to work with you to show your true beauty.

The nude has been a part of classic art through the centuries.  It adorns the great cathedrals of Europe and museum collections around the world.  Masters such as Michelangelo, Botticelli, Rembrandt, Renoir,  Rubens, Modigliani and Andrew Wyeth are among those known for their nudes as are famous photographers like Edward Weston, Ruth Bernhard and Man Ray. Many of these artists have influenced my own work.  Similarly, my intent is to create tasteful art that you will be proud to display in your home.

Whether the purpose is to help create art, to give as a gift, to celebrate pregnancy or to preserve memories as we age, I would encourage everyone to consider a fine art portrait. Photos may be classic studio portraits, done in your home, a natural setting or any other favorite location.  For those who aren’t comfortable with full nudity, artistic figure studies that show just parts of the body are an option as are personal portraits and boudoir or maternity photos.  Pieces of fabric and less revealing poses may also be used to show as much or as little as you choose. 

My wife, a fellow artist, is truly my life partner in everything we do.  She often serves as my photography assistant.  Her ideas and creative eye are always an asset and some women do feel more comfortable having another woman present for their photo session.

Deciding to be photographed nude is a big decision, but, as the years pass, one you won’t regret.   Please be assured that you will always be treated in a compassionate, gentle manner with the utmost consideration, respect and professionalism.   Apprehensions will quickly dissipate and you will have a fun, enjoyable, positive experience.